The Original Pomades

The Original Pomades

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Where it all started. The Original Pomades are tried and true. Backpacking in the mountains, long, heavy workouts, pool sessions, date nights, interviews, etc. This is a product that won't let you down. With a medium shine and a natural hold, it's perfect for numerous hair types. The best part is it won't even feel like you have product in your hair. 

The Originals come in three different scents:

Paradise: Sweet smells of citrus, vacation, and reckless abandonment. Use this pomade to remind you that there is good in this world. Made with Bergamot essential oils. Scent: citrus, spice, floral notes.

Tree Kicker: A smell reminiscent of chopping down a tree with your bare hands. Rub this through your hair and you'll become one with Mother Nature. Made with Cedarwood and Juniper Berry essential oils. Scent: pine, woodsy, herbaceous. 

Golden Tiger: A scent as mysterious as the pipe hitters rockin the golden tiger stripe. You may not be staging a coup with a savage warlord, but at least you'll smell good. Made with Tea Tree essential oil. Scent: crisp, clean, refreshing.

Directions: This product can be used in all hair types. Move fingers in a circular motion around pomade until it begins to warm up and then rub dime sized amount into hands until it melts completely. Run through dry or towel dried hair for a medium-shine and a natural hold. Depending on the length and thickness of hair, use more if necessary. 

Store in a cool, dry place.

  • Free of any parabens, sulfates or silicone
  • 100% organic materials
  • Hand-made in USA
  • Natural hold
  • Medium-shine
  • Scent: citrus, spice, floral notes
  • 2 oz.

Customer Reviews

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Great Service, Better Product

Bought this after a pleasant conversation with the organization itself, some really cool dudes behind the brand.

The product absolutely delivers - just like every other pomade they’ve made so far.

The benefit of the organic pomade is that it washes out super easily, gives a good natural-feeling hold, and doesn’t give that weird manufactured feeling I can’t stand with other pomades.

However, if you can’t the smell of coconut oil, you might want to buy the paradise pomade instead.


Love it

First timer

First time trying this stuff and love it!! Love the way my hair feels and the smell! 10 out of 10 recommend

Not what I expected... BUT

Initially I wanted to get something with a low shine and medium hold, I’m glad that I got a medium shine with a hold and pliability that lasts! I’ve thrown this product in my pack and brought it on a couple of trips with me and found it to be my new go-to for an every day pomade. Whether I’m out hiking, fishing, working out or strolling around city streets, this stuff just works without any disappointment.

I’m a big fan of the natural ingredients used, jojoba oil, beeswax and the other ingredients leave my scalp feeling healthy and fresh. The overall scent is a nice touch too! It’s not too “in your face” like some other products I’ve used, but still offers a lasting smell through out a day or two with it in my hair.

Overall awesome product!

For those who workout and sweat, this is the goods

So many different Pomades that you can buy at the store are great at one thing. Making your hair look the way you want while you’re not doing anything. But then the inconvenience of an active life gets that product in your eyes, and all of a sudden you look like a blinded, squinting methhead who just got pepper sprayed by the police.

Out of Regs is just at good at making your hair look good without the sting of your own hard work eating at your eyes. Will big again.