Pomade Bundle
Pomade Bundle
Pomade Bundle

Pomade Bundle

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So you're interested in trying Out of Regs, but you just don't know which one to choose? Or maybe you're struggling to find a present for someone you know, and you want something truly unique to give them?

Well, here's your answer! The Pomade Bundle is the perfect way to try out all three types of pomades we offer, while saving some dinero in the process.  

In the Pomade Bundle, you'll get three 1 ounce cans of our different types of pomades:

  • The Original- Paradise (Light Hold / Medium Shine)
  • Pipe Hitter (Medium Hold / Medium Shine)
  • Dirty Mike (Strong Hold / Matte Shine)

Make every day a magical experience for your hair.

Who knows, you might end up loving 'em all!

Pomade Bundle

Customer Reviews

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Rod Lawless
Good Stuff!

I am new to the Pomade world. Saying that I am very impressed with these products from Out of Regs! I bought the bundle to see which one would be best and honestly they all are good. I have been only using it for 2 weeks so I am sure I'll narrow it down! Great product and quick delivery! Five Stars!

Great Product

As a firefighter my hair was always out of sorts after a job or just day to day around the firehouse. Not with this stuff!! Great product…. Glad I bought the bundle to try all 3. Thanks

First Time Purchase (Bundle)

I got the bundle to try and find which pomade would work best. Honestly I could use any of them daily. The original may be my fav daily user since it holds incredibly well while keeping the hair still filling soft, you cant even tell anything is in there. I wear a headset at work for hours which typically mattes my hear down with most products. However just a little water and I run my hand through and its like I never had it on. 10 of 10 recommend.


After being warmed and cooled during flight in carryon bags it took two vise grips to get the can apart. But maaaan was it worth it when my hair looked fly as a muffukka. I need more bro


So good!