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About Us

Out of Regs® started in 2018 with the sole intention of giving you hair products that are simple to use and extremely effective. What started as a basic stove-top experiment has turned into an entire product line of oil-based pomades, sea salt spray and tattoo balm that caters to a number of styles and preferences. 

Early on, we realized that more and more people wanted a product that was easy to use, and didn't cause them to continually check the mirror to make sure it was still working. So, we made some pomade and hustled our products to anyone nearby that had happened to have hair. We knew that it worked, and turns out, other people thought so too!


Now, contrary to what you may think, we're not exactly tree-hugging hippies. But, we do see the value in adding more organic products to our daily life. It's pretty simple- you don't need a ton of chemicals in your hair just to make it look nice.

All of our products, whether it's for your hair or your tattoos, are sourced from the finest ingredients we can get our hands on. We don't cut corners with scents either. Each can of pomade, bottle of sea salt spray, and tattoo balm is scented with high-quality essential oils. This gives them a nice smell that is not too overpowering. 


As we have continue to grow, we take your feedback into serious consideration. One of our favorite aspects about this whole thing is customer interaction. So, if you have any ideas, complaints, or just want to chat, hit us up! You're the reason we're here!