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Beach Bum

Beach Bum

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Think back to the last time you were at the beach. Remember how your hair looked when you left? Capture that same "relaxed, but cool" look with Beach Bum Sea Salt Spray.

Beach Bum works to promote thickness and texture for your hair. Used alone, it increases volume and adds just enough hold to prevent run aways. It gives you the "I didn't do my hair" look, while everyone really knows you did something to it. When paired with just a little bit of Out of Regs pomade, you get an all day hold with extra volume and texture. 

This Sea Salt Spray follows the same premise as all our other products. It is made of 100% organic ingredients. We added aloe-vera gel and fractionated coconut oil to help with the hold but more importantly to hydrate your hair. Bergamot essential oils are used as well to give the perfect summertime citrus scent that you guys have come to love in our Paradise pomade.

Beach Bum Sea Salt Spray is the ideal addition for your collection.

Directions: Shake well before use! Spray evenly into slightly damp hair. Work it to the roots and comb your hair to the ends. Allow your hair to air dry, or blow dry for a different look. Use in moderation to prevent your hair from drying out too much. 

Store in a cool, dry place.

  • Ingredients: Purified Water, Mediterranean Sea-Salt, Aloe-Vera Gel, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oil Blend
  • Free of any parabens, sulfates or silicone 
  • 100% organic materials
  • Hand-made in USA
  • Natural hold
  • Medium-shine
  • Scent: crisp, clean, refreshing
  • 4 oz.

Customer Reviews

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good product

i put this in my hair
it’s good
i am sexy

Beach Bum

This is a great spray. You can use it by itself or pair it with the pomades. The great thing about this is that it really makes your hair feel good, it gives it a smooth and nourished feeling. No strong smell other than a slight citrus scent, which is why it pairs well with Dirty Mike, because they have similar smells.

It works part 2

If you've ever seen that perfect, smooth wave of peanut butter inside the jar then this gets your hair looking just like that, minus the stickiness.
I use a little Dirty Mike afterwards if it's gonna be a hard hitting day.

Bob J
The Perfect Wave

Beach bum creates those perfect summer waves all year round, providing natural definition, texture and volume to hair and giving you the look that you’ve been wanting! Grab a bottle and you’ll see what I mean.

Beach bum

Dope product. Pretty good for long hair and just general shaping.